Village Design Statement 2006

The first and original Trefonen, Treflach and Nantmawr Village Design Statement was completed and published in 2006. It was reviewed by a number of public consultation exercises and finally published as a printed booklet that was sent to every home in the three settlements

A series of policies were generated from the recommendations in the 2006 Village Design Statement and many of these were accepted and adopted by local government authorities. The 2006 Village Design Statement has played a vital part in the development of the three communities since then.

A facsimile electronic version of the 2006 Village Design Statement has been created as one did not exist from the time of the original publication. A copy of this facsimile can be downloaded by clicking the thumbnail below. A copy of the Policies Document can also be downloaded.

Download a copy of the 2006 VDS

VDS Document

VDS Policies

VDS 2006

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