Welcome to the Trefonen, Treflach and Nantmawr Village Design Statement Website

This website has been developed to provide a complete on-line resource for anyone interested in the Trefonen, Treflach and Nantmawr Village Design Statement.

The first public consultation meetings have been held and the feedback can be seen on the Feedback page. Everyone who lives in the villages is encouraged to submit their thoughts on the VDS itself or the comments received. To “Have Your Say” click on the link below. The date for submitting feedback has been extended to 31st March 2016.

The consultation process has now closed and all feedback has been considered.
This can be viewed on the Feedback page

27th May 2016 - The Final Version of the 2016 Village Design Statement Update is now available

A Village Design Statement was first produced for the three settlements in 2006 and since then it has not been updated. An update is now in progress with the goal of being able to publish a version which takes account of the latest relevant legislation, the current views of the community and the changes in the local environment since then.

Hence the key aspects of the website are:

  • To make all Design Statement documents for the 2006 VDS available for anyone to read (Click here)
  • To make all Design Statement documents for the 2016 update available for anyone to read (Click here)
  • To provide access to background information that formed part of the update process (Click here)
  • To provide a means for the community to comment on the update prior to final publication (Click here)
  • To monitor and provide public access to view any comments made as part of the Public Consultations (Click here)
  • To provide information on the Heritage that makes the three communities what they are (Click here)

The purpose of a Village Design Statement is to try to preserve the unique visual character of our villages and surrounding area based on their history, heritage, natural environment and built environments. It is a tool to make sure that any new development respects the distinctive character of the our villages as defined by their inhabitants.

Village Design Statements do not detail what type of development should take place in a village or the state of local  Government services.

For more details of what a VDS is for visit the CPRE website by clicking here. Documents prepared by the Countryside Commission offer more information Village Design Part 1 and Village Design Part 2

A Village Design Statement is NOT a planning document.

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