September 2015
An electronic facsimile of the original printed 2006 Village Design Statement was created and made available on the website

September 2015 to February 2016
A small Steering Group representing the three settlements worked on updating the Village Design Staement to reflect current legislation and National and Local Government Policies.

November 2015
An early draft of the updated Village Design Statement was sent out to 6 councilors and over 30 individuals to get their early input into the document. These in the main were local experts in the  heritage, wildlife, history and buildings of the area. Other interested parties, such as the school, had been contacted during the initial drafting.

February 2016
Updated Village Design Statement and Policies Documents made available to interested parties in the three settlements as part of the Public Consultation procedure.

February 9th 2016
The draft documents went live on the Village Design Statement website ( and on the village website

March 5th 2016 1000 - 1600
A meeting and exhibition will be held at the Village Hall so that all interested parties can see the update and make comments on it. There will be an exhibition that will present the background to the updated VDS.

March 8th 2016 1800 - 2100
A further meeting and exhibition will be held at the Barley Mow public house to allow people unable to get to the event in the Village Hall to come along and discuss the 2016 Village Design Statement

March 24th 2016
All Public Consultation Comments are required to be received so that they can be considered for inclusion in the next issue of the draft VDS Documents

The Village Design Statement Update Process


Update Process

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